Education + awareness are the centerpiece of an effective workplace violence prevention program

One of our core competencies is helping employers create safer, more secure workplaces. Online or expert-led workplace violence safety training for every member of your organization is essential to building a common understanding and a strong and supportive culture where employees, supervisors, managers and other leaders are force-multipliers in prevention and security.

Workplace Violence Prevention Training — Foundational

Foundational training is the common core of company-wide education and violence awareness. Training is provided for employees across every level, following the same course as they progress from defining what workplace violence is to understanding the many ways it enters and impacts the work environment. Participants then learn to connect warning signs and risk factors to the critical interventions of reporting, assessing and managing behaviors that signal potential violence.

Workplace Violence Prevention Training — Leadership

Strong leaders are essential to workplace violence prevention. This course prepares leaders across all organizational levels to model behavioral accountability and ensure consistency, compliance and collaboration in responding to disruptive or harmful actions or reported concerns. Leaders also learn how building a culture of trust helps employees gain confidence in speaking up.

Threat Management Team Bootcamp

Those who take on the added responsibility of threat assessment and management need to be prepared to direct, manage and document threat case processes. This interdisciplinary training helps teams build essential skills in behavioral threat assessment and management. Workplace violence prevention training programs include interactive simulations created to reflect potential real-world threatening events provide invaluable practice for team members

Active Assailant Awareness + Response Training

Help everyone in your organization put confidence ahead of fear with this innovative approach to active assailant education that teaches participants to calmly think and react within the chaos of an unexpected attack. Workplace violence awareness training is an effective way to provide your workforce with a life-saving skillset should they ever have to face an attack by an active assailant.